Exodus – 2011 Lagoon 400 Catamaran

You have dreamed about it for years, read all the books, all the magazines, pictured yourself in all those amazing places so far from the busy schedules and the chaos of the rat race. Kids are just the right age, finances finally in order, ready to make the jump. Now is the time. You are ready. Well, almost… you just need the perfect boat…We were you. Three years ago. Making the same decisions you are now. After an incredible journey sailing half way around the world, it is easy to see that we were lucky to find the right boat. She’s taken really good care of us, and now she is available for you.

Exodus, a privately-owned/never chartered 2011 Lagoon 400 catamaran, is the perfect boat to start your sailing adventure. She’s cruising ready with all essential gear already installed, tested, and proven. And she’s well-maintained; since she’s owned by two aerospace engineers, all of the maintenance and upgrades are of the highest quality.

Catamarans are safe, fast, spacious, and comfortable, so they make ideal cruising homes. You can’t go wrong with a Lagoon as they are an excellent manufacturer having thousands of catamarans and happy customers on the water. Lagoons have solid construction, a solid reputation, and a solid support base worldwide. Within the range of Lagoon options, the 400 is the perfect blend of value, living space, and comfort. It’s ideal for a family or for a couple who desires a little extra space.

Where does your dream cruise in the South Pacific begin?  Tonga?  Fiji?  New Zealand?  You decide, and we’ll deliver the boat to meet you there!  Additionally, we’ll do a thorough handover with you, walking you through all the boat systems and passing along all our cruising lessons learned.

We were lucky to find the perfect boat. Now that we are heading back to land life for a while, the perfect boat is available for you, right here in paradise.  Your dream awaits…


Exodus – 2011 Lagoon 400 Catamaran
Cruising Ready, 3 cabin owners version
Available Now, South Pacific
$412,000 US $389,000 US $359,000 US